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Sam is a big brother now. To make life easier, we've created a page for Sam and Nina. Click here to take a look.

Welcome to Sam's place. Sam was born on July 3, 2002, which means that he's 815 weeks old. It also means that he is a Cancer with a Libra ascendant.

Daddy and Mommy put this site together to be able to keep friends and family all over the world updated on how Sam is doing. Since you are reading this, you probably belong to that category. We hope you enjoy the site!

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The latest from Sam's diary

I haven't written for ages and that is partly due to the fact that it seems likely that Sam will be turning into a big brother sometime in February 2005. Yep, I'm well into my second trimester, so when Sam sleeps, I try really hard to do the same.
Dad and Betsey, Sam's Grampy and Grammy, came to visit in September. Sam really enjoyed visiting with them. He loved getting all that yummy attention. While they were here we did the standard outings: Newnham, punting, Wimpole, and Duxford. All were a hit. Sam just loves punting, it continues to be one of his most favorite things to do. I have recently been telling Sam the Goldilocks story and at first he thought the three bears were on a "punting" trip. He has since figured out that they're in fact on a hunting trip. Grammy and Grampy brought over some prezzies that were a big hit, especially the Raffi DVD. Lately we've been spending large portions of every day with Raffi. Sam has now learned part of a song in French, "Y A Un Rat" ("There's a Rat"). He gets very into singing along with Raffi and likes to try to give him kisses. Sam was not very shy at all around G&G which was great too for everybody.
We also went punting with Anna-Karin and Trevor who came to visit in late August and enjoyed a nice, if hot, lunch in the Salisbury Arms garden with them.
For the past few weeks Sam has been really into instruments. I started playing my flute for him a little and he really liked that. While G&G were here I let him hold my flute one day and he didn't let go of it for hours. Thus I haven't gotten it out since but his interest was piqued. He is still very into the book "Zin Zin Zin a Violin" and we now have construction paper instruments for maybe half of the instruments featured in that book (tomorrow I plan to get stronger paper b/c these just aren't going to hold up to the amount of use they're getting). But his most favorite instrument is still the guitar, partly b/c of James Taylor and now b/c of Raffi. Luckily the paper guitar is reinforced with a large index card.
Sam has also gotten much better at pretending. Grandma found Sam an Ernie doll and Ernie has played a lot of instruments, has been put to bed, has even made peepee in the potty. A lot of other imaginary play has started to develop too which is really fun and exciting.
I finally completed Sam's "Growing Up Book" with pictures and text to encourage Sam to head in a more independent direction. He really likes the book but does not seem very ready to be much more independent at the moment. But at least the book is in place as positive reinforcement. ;)
Bounce-a-round has started back up again and that is one place that Sam is willing to put on his shoes for. Other than that it can be a bit hard to get Sam out of the house. He also likes to go to the Salvation Army, source of much entertainment and many toys, and the bank with the ledge. We also tried another play group which went pretty well so we will revisit it on Monday.
I got to take Sam to his follow-up ear appt. alone as Håkan was away on business. That was really horrendous and I was drenched in sweat by the end. The verdict was that his ears look fine which was curious to me b/c he has been intermittently crankier for awhile but maybe he's just 2 or maybe it was the MMR that we finally gave him. Who knows.
But Sam is also getting even sweeter and more lovey which is very cute. We haven't really played up the impending baby very much so I'm not sure he has any real idea about how his life is likely to change but maybe that's just as well. ;)

Sam's current sound work is centered on "s" blends, like in "snack" and "sleep." It is so cute to hear him working on that and he is making good progress. Knock on wood, Sam hasn't seemed to have had an ear infection since the tube surgery, so maybe they weren't such a huge mistake after all, maybe the biggest mistake was that I went in with him while he was put under, that was probably a job for Håkan really. He does still get a lot of wax in his ears but maybe a lot of other kids do too, I don't know.
Sam amazed us a week or so ago by playing "Twinkle Twinkle" on his xylophone. I had the idea of writing the numbers on the bars, 1-8. Then I sang "Twinkle Twinkle" to him using numbers. A little while later he played it. I was stunned. H. pointed out that it's unclear if that has to do with musical or mathematical ability but supposedly they're connected so who knows.
Sam has been skipping naps maybe 80% of the time which is both good and bad. It makes for a long afternoon but it's really nice to have him in bed by 9 at the very latest. It is also kind of exhausting but then so is having him up until 11 so it's really a toss-up. I think the problem is it's very hard for me to go to bed until about 10:30 and really I should be in bed by 10 if he's asleep at 9. Another reason that I am tired is that if all goes well, if it is for the highest and the best (Auntie K!), Sam will be getting a little brother or sister in February. Time will tell but that is the current situation. :)
Sam became completely hooked on the 101 Dalmatians Sing Along Songs video we rented from the library. He watched it every day of the first week we had it. He likes to march around the apartment when they sing "Following the Leader."
Sam's latest physical activity is swinging himself. He puts one hand on the coffee table and one hand on the TV stand, lifts himself up, and swings back and forth. It has resulted in a few bumps but he really enjoys it.
There have been a few more birthdays since Sam's and he now likes to sing "Happy Birthday." He did a fine rendition for Grandma on her birthday. :)
At the playground we have been talking about sharing space and turn-taking and how both of those are very good things to do. Sam tends to want to get right off if another kid starts playing on the same play structure that he's on and sometimes he does it a bit hastily to the point of danger. So we are working on that. Sam continues to get better at climbing. It's pretty funny because there's a climbing wall at Newnham and the way he climbs makes one wonder if climbing technique is genetic. He climbs like his mom, that is, he doesn't really pay much attention and sort of muscles his way up. Very entertaining.
Sam was very happy that Hans N. came to visit. He didn't do too much hiding. :) The Saturday Hans was here we went punting on the river Cam for the first time. It was a beautiful summer day and Sam had a great time. He of course flatly refused to wear the life jacket so I was a bit nervous when we started hitting other boats (it's kind of like bumper cars for boats) but he was unfazed by the collisions. Since the outing he has taken to using the old broom handle in the garden as a punting stick. He is starting to understand the concept of "pretending" so he says he is punting like Pappa and Peek-a-boo Hans and Mommy (not that I actually did any punting, I just rode).
We also went to visit with Zoe and Louis and Daisy. Once Zoe lured him in with some trains he had a good time.
In a case of confusing and frustrating English health care Sam will not have his follow-up tube appt. until October 11th. So I hope everything is OK in there.

It's the eve of Sam's 2nd birthday!!! Time sure has gone quickly this past year. And this birthday will be so much fun because Sam is starting to understand what having a birthday is all about. Granted only vaguely but still.
Sam is sleeping somewhat better now although still probably not as well as before the surgery. But it does seem that his hearing has improved somewhat because he is trying much harder to make soft sounds like "f" and "w." He has still felt a bit warm to me on occasion but I'm much more reluctant to take his temperature with the ear thermometer (which is maybe not such a bad thing).
Sam is still really into airplanes and Pappa's counting song. Songs in general are more and more of a hit and Sam is singing along much more. He is also telling large parts of books which is so cute. He was given a Sesame Street video and he adores Patti LaBelle's version of "ABC." He also really likes the broccoli rap. :)
There is so much more I could write but alas, I must rest up for the big day tomorrow.


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